“I asked Marie-Anne if she could connect with my deceased brother-in-law and she told me to send her a photograph of him. Within a couple of days she emailed me the messages she received from him. What she wrote totally blew me away. I emailed it to my sister and it totally blew her away. She was so accurate in what she wrote about my brother-in-law, it was unbelievable. Thank you Marie-Anne for helping my sister during this grieving process.”
r.j., Lorette MB

“I recently went to The Doorway. I didn’t know what to expect but Marie-Anne put me at ease and explained exactly what to expect. I had Reiki done and I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to pick up on things that she had no idea of knowing. I also had Past Life Regression performed. This is so new to me I did not know how I felt about doing it. I was a little anxious but like I said Marie-Anne made me feel so at ease. From what I saw in my past life I was able to make connections to present life. I would highly recommend the experience with Marie-Anne and The Doorway.”
Tammy Johannson, Pine Falls MB

“Marie-Anne has an uncanny ability to ‘see’ the bigger picture through the cards, and identify details that appear irrelevant until the event materializes. I found when Marie-Anne was somewhat ‘joking’ about an event, her ‘joking’ comment was closer to the truth than I could have realized at the time. In addition to card readings, Marie-Anne also did some mediumship for me regarding my dad’s passing. She gave me details which put my mind at ease. If you have some unsettled events from your past with loved ones, I highly recommend contacting Marie-Anne.”
Mona B., Winnipeg MB

“Thank you Marie-Anne for the reading of my grandmother. I shared with my mom and her sister and they loved reminiscing about the stories you talked about. The pictures you provided to better describe the images you were seeing, brought back so many memories! And to know that she was grateful for specific times you mentioned that we spent together, meant a lot to me.”
Sue A., Winnipeg MB

“I saw and read your email. I am shocked and at peace all at the same time. Much of what you saw or felt has major significance. Especially the word Ra’ab. That means The Lord in Arabic. We are catholic and just reading that, I feel that he is telling me that he is with God. I have to chat with you soon to tell you all the other items that I can relate to.”
E.S., Winnipeg MB

Working with Marie-Anne on my healing journey was life changing for me. I could never have imagined the freedom I finally feel in my life… in my thoughts and reactions to triggers.
“Just wanted to touch base and say thanks for the session – that was exactly what I am looking for!
I’m passing your name out – and my friend xxxx said you helped her as well. No surprise. I can’t believe how different I feel in my life overall starting with that 3 hour session we did together in the spring. I didn’t even know feeling this way was possible.
I feel so blessed that I met you! I am not trying to be corny – it’s a fact.”
Winnipeg, MB
Aug 9, 2019

“My session with Marie-Anne was absolutely fascinating, illuminating and inspiring in ways I never could have predicted. She got me feeling so comfortable and excited with her jovial personality and incredible knowledge on the subject. She instructed me on all of the procedures for a safe hypnosis past life regression. The insights I received from it were nothing short of profound. They have resonated with me long after and opened up a gigantic well of potential within me. I feel healed by the entire process and now carry with me knowledge that will forever change my life for the better. Thank you Marie-Anne, more people deserve to experience this amazing experience you deliver!”
Tate Hiebert, Winnipeg, MB
Nov 24, 2018

I would recommend Marie Anne services to anyone. She has helped me develop my spirituality path with patience and grace. She is an excellent teacher and makes you feel comfortable.

Danielle C.
St Malo, MB

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