Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy transfer and holistic technique that is safe and aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation therefore promoting healing and health. It can also be offered for people and their pets through distant Reiki.

In this energy work, I am a conduit for this energy and I help to release blockages bringing balance in the chakras or energy centers in the body. 

I invite the client’s guides and angels to come in and assist with the session. I am intuitively guided by my spiritual Team to where the energy is required or if there are any messages from Spirit for my clients.

During my Reiki sessions, some of my clients state that they were in a meditative state and that my hands felt either very warm or very cool or it felt like cascading waves or pulses of energy through their body. They felt more relaxed and refreshed after a session. Some noticed that they were feeling more tired than usual in the evening. This is the body’s natural healing response. Some clients said that they had more mental clarity, felt more centered, less reactive and slept more profoundly the following day. 

Although Reiki does not provide a diagnosis, I may offer common sense suggestions such as drinking water and share any insights that I may have picked up during the session.  

Although repeat sessions are not necessary, Reiki is cumulative and even if a client doesn’t notice much after the first appointment, they usually have progressively deeper experiences if they continue. 

Transmission of Light Activation

With my client’s consent and at a level that is for their highest good, I channel the Transmission of Light Activation in connection with my Reiki sessions to bring light energy into their DNA.

My thoughts

During a conversation with my Mother, I had been trying to find the right words which best expressed what Reiki meant to me. Here are my thoughts… People pray for others so that they may send them love and healing, either emotionally, spiritually or physically. I believe that when I do Reiki for others, I am praying for them, sending positive intentions, love and healing from the Divine.

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