Previously Referred to as Abductees and Witnesses

You may have experienced or witnessed something in your life that you can’t explain and felt too embarrassed to speak about it because you were afraid of being ridiculed or simply afraid of the unknown. I meet many people who tell me that they have a friend who saw things that freaked them out. You are not alone. 

Clients from every profession come into my office to have a better understanding of what they’ve experienced and to discover why these experiences are happening to them. I offer support for those who are seeking a safe place to turn to and someone to share their experiences with. 

I use hypnotherapy as a means of unlocking these memories at a safe and comfortable pace. My approach is to share resources that are not fear-based and sensationalized. 

I am a member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) , a Meet Up group for Experiencers and follow the works of Dolores Cannon.  

My services are confidential.

How I can help

When we first meet, I help the client to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable so that they may open up and share their experiences. With each individual client, together, we come up with a plan so that they may reach their desired outcome. I continue to coach and support them through their personal journey and offer therapies such as Reiki to help clear blockages and restore balance and inner peace or Hypnotherapy Regressions for those wanting to explore, bring clarity and a better understanding to their experiences at their own pace. 

*Note: I am not responsible for any technical or virus that may be attached to this link. I know others who downloaded it in the past without issue, but cannot guarantee its safety.

*Note: Je ne suis pas responsable des problèmes techniques ou des virus qui pourraient être attachés à ce lien. J’en connais d’autres qui l’ont téléchargé dans le passé sans problème, mais je ne peux pas garantir sa sécurité. 

Recommended Book (Livre recommandé) : Dolores Cannon – The Custodians – Beyond Abduction (free download)

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